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The loss of a family’s pet can be a tremendously emotional time. A cherished pet holds a special place in the hearts and lives of many families. This is why we help you remember and honor the memory of your lost companion in a meaningful and special way. Most owners are unaware of the many ways they can say farewell to one that has held such an important part in their family’s lives. At Pet Cremation Services of Columbus we provide a way to ease your loss and guide you through this important process.

Reflecting on the Life of a Faithful Forever Friend

There are 3 distinct steps in reflecting on the life of your faithful forever companion. Each step can help you through the process towards creating an appropriate and meaningful way to memorialize your pet.


]When a pet dies, the idea of holding a private gathering can be supported through the creation of a unique and personal memorial service. Allow yourself this time to gather together with family and friends to say goodbye in a more appropriate manner to your companion.


The thought of a memorial for your pet symbolizes the lasting bond that will always exist between you and your special companion. Establishing a permanent memorial can be reached by purchasing a personalized urn to hold the cremated remains and other memorial products that celebrate the life of your faithful friend.


As we reflect upon the life of our pet, we find ourselves fondly reminded of their special personality, wandering curiosity, and playful behavior that would make us smile for hours upon hours. Around your home there are plenty of memories (pictures, toys, collar, leash, etc.) that made your pet special and can be used in the creation of an appropriate memorial.

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